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Vegetarian Starters for Any Occasion

We are bringing a complete collection of vegetarian starter’s recipes to be made in an easy and quick way so stay tuned! You can use that as a vegetarian starter for special occasions such as Christmas eve or New Year’s eve, whenever you need to bring to your festive table a tasty appetizer both cold or hot, and even for Easter… to have fun with some gourmet vegetarian starters. In this recipes you will also […]

Italian cuisine – Based in simplicity and quality ingredients

Italian cuisine is known mainly for its vast diversity on a regional level, its abundance in taste and seasoning and as a classic example of a Mediterranean diet, recognized as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2010. Furthermore it is one of the best known and appreciated gastronomies globally: in 2019, for example, the US television station CNN placed it in the first place of a ranking with the best cuisines in the […]

Summer rolls: a fun and tasty option for dinner

These rolls are tasty, quick to prepare and often can be a good option for a last-minute meal. Also they can be prepared with many ingredients. They are the secret card for a fun and tasty dinner: the rolls can be prepared with a variety of ingredients such as with vegetables, meat or fish, for all tastes. The stuffing is covered with slices of what you prefer, from fish to vegetables, which can be served […]