"Goloso" Christmas Hamper

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Christmas Hamper including:

* 1 Beige Wood Tray

* 1 Sant'Orsola Sangiovese 75cl

* 1 Villa Annone Lambrusco 75cl

* 1 Bellucci Cotechino 750g

* 1 Tenuta del Cervo Lentils 175g

* 1 Grana Padano 150g

* 1 Senfter Salami 150g

* 1 Dalla Costa Pennoni Pasta 250g

* 1 Tenuta del Cervo sauce with Grana padano 180g

* 1 Varvello Balsamic vinegar from Modena 250ml

* 1 Tenuta del Cervo Granelli with Grana Padano 100g

* 1 Il mercante di Spezie Red salt 150g

* 1 Dry porcini mushrooms 15g

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